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DVD Converting (for AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate)

1. Does AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate can convert copy protected DVD?

2. AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate cannot completely convert DVD movies. It only converts 40 mins of a 2 hrs DVD movie. Why?

3. How to convert my DVD into one file, but not separated files?

4. How to convert DVD movies by chapter?

5. How to convert a DVD movie by title?

6. Can I merge some DVD movie titles on the source file pane?

7. Is there a way to disable the director’s commentary when converting a DVD?

8. How do I change the language to my preferred audio language?

9. Can I choose my preferred subtitles to convert a DVD movie?

10. Can I choose my preferred DVD angle?

11. Output video and audio are out of sync. Is there a fix?

12. Can Any Video Converter Pro/Ultimate support converting PAL DVD to NTSC formats?

13. Can Any Video Converter Pro/Ultimate burn DVD movie to a blank DVD?

14. Can Any Video Converter Pro/Ultimate convert Blu-ray movies to other formats like MP4?

Video Editing

1. How to convert a certain segment of DVD or Video movie?

2. How to clip a DVD or Video movie?

3. How to crop DVD or Video movie?

4. How to merge several videos into one file?

5. Can I merge the clipped videos?

6. The program crashes when I try to convert merged videos. Any solution?

7. I try to trim a FLV video, but the output doesn’t show exactly as what I trimmed. Why?

8. How to rotate or flip a video?

9. How to adjust brightness, contrast of the video?

Audio/Video Converting

1. The audio does not sync with moving video pictures perfectly. Why and how to fix it?

2. Is sound normalization available?

3. Can I disable the audio in the video?

4. How to get better audio quality?

5. My output video is twice of the original video playback speed. Is there a fix?

6. The converter doesn’t convert the entire video. It shows complete when encoding status reaches 70% or so. Why and how to fix it?

7. My output video is upside-down. Is there a fix?

8. I receive “Insert failed” message while trying to add a video. Any idea?

9. How to add video subtitles and choose audio tracks?

10. How to disable/turn off video subtitles?

11. I cannot convert the external subtitles into the output file. Why?

12. How to keep the output video’s frame size the same as input video?

13. The quality of output files is not very good. How can I improve it?

14. Can I remove the video codec from the output file name?

15. I cannot preview video within the converter. Is there a fix?

16. Can I preview videos in a big window?

17. Can I restore default video and audio settings?

18. The output *.avi video playback is too fast in PowerPoint. Any solution?

19. I cannot load VOB files from the "Video_TS" folder of a standard DVD. Why?

20. I loaded a wmv file for conversion but got this error message: "Convert failed: ERROR: Could not open required DirectShow codec G2M.dll …Cannot find codec matching selected –vo and video format 0x334D3247." Can you help?

21.The default frame size cannot meet my need. How to get my desired video frame size?

22.Can Any Video Converter convert audio files?

23.Can Any Video Converter support multiple-core?

24.What is Constant Quality and how to use it?

YouTube Videos Downloading

1. Why was I asked to log in YouTube account?

2. There are different URLs in YouTube, which should I use?

3. How to download YouTube videos? Where is the YouTube video URL?

4. Do I have to download YouTube videos one by one?

5. How Can I find my downloaded video?

6. Any Video Converter fails to convert a YouTube video. It says “insert failed”. Any idea?

7. I can not download from YouTube and get a message "Analyzing failed. Cannot determine video format to be downloaded". Can you help?

8. Why can't I convert the downloaded video?

9. YouTube videos has been available in a range of quality levels. Can I choose video quality?

10. How to download the videos without converting?

11. I get "Winsock failed" error while trying to download YouTube video. How do I fix that?

12. Can I download video from other website except YouTube?

13. Why can't I download Nico Video?

Video Files Management

1. How to hide/show the file management panel?

2. How to set output folder?

3. Where can I get the converted video files?

4. Can I sync the converted files to iPod and PSP directly?

5. Can I manage output files by output profiles?

6. Can I add a batch of files into the program?

7. When I add the video, it told me there is no audio in the file?

8. What are the supported input/output formats and media devices?

9. Why can't I play my HTML5 video in the browser?

Video to CD/DVD

1. Can I choose DVD Menu in Any Video Converter Free version?

2. Does the demo version of AVC have DVD Menu?

3. How to burn video to DVD/AVCHD DVD?

4. What types of media are supported?

5. Is it possible to erase DVD with AVC?

Video Recording

1. How to start and stop the recording function?

2. After recording, there is no audio in my PC? How can I fix it?

3. Nothing happen after clicking record button?

4. How can I find my recorded video?

5. My recorded video and the audio is out of sync, how to fix it?

Video Playing

1. How to play video with Any Video Convertr Free?

2. What should I do if I would like to convert the playing video?

3. What should I do if I would like to preview converting video in Play Video tab?

4. How to set the playing video topmost of the screen?

5. Can I change the video size or rotate the video while playing?

6. I would like to get some detailed information about the video currently playing. What shall I do?

Advanced Options Setting

1. General

2. Audio

3. Video

4. Online Video

5. DVD (for ADC only)

6. Subtitles

7. Screen Record (for AVC Ultimate)

8. Misc.